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2005 Mount Vernon West Front circa 1792 Ornament

2005 Mount Vernon West Front circa 1792 Ornament
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The White House Ornament Collection presents the 2005 Mount Vernon West Front circa 1792 Ornament.

This ornament resplendently shows just what is best about George Washington. Like a coin, it is two-sided because it reflects both sides of the great man: the private citizen who built and resided at Mount Vernon, as seen in the famous circa 1792 painting by Edward Savage, and on the reverse side, as artistically captured in Jean-Antoine Houdon's bust of 1785, the "immortal" Washington, whose heroic legacy lasts for all time.

This Christmas Gift Idea can serve as either a handsome Christmas display or a White House Christmas Tree Ornament. Whether you are looking for a holiday ornament, a tree ornament, or Christmas collectable, this gift will make any Christmas a White Christmas. Own a moment of White House history.

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