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Ornament Gift Sets

Receive huge discounts when you purchase White House Christmas ornament in these sets. Complete your White House ornament collection at these low prices and turn your tree into a real White House tree with these highly collectible keepsake ornaments. Please let us know if there are any sets that we do not currently carry that you think we should in our Contact Us form.

1994 - 1997 Set of Four White House Ornaments
$69.00 SALE PRICE $57.00

The 1994-1997 Set of Four Ornaments is part of our Historical Collector's Edition.

1990 - 1993 Set of Four White House Ornaments
$67.00 SALE PRICE $55.00

This attractive 1990-1993 Set of Four Ornaments Collector's Edition captures a slice of American history, including: Martin Van Buren (1837-1841), William Henry Harrison (1841), The 200th Anniversary of the Cornerstone, and John Tyler (1841-45). Supplies are limited, so order today.

1985 - 1988 Set of Four Ornaments
$64.00 SALE PRICE $51.00

Set of 1985 to 1988 Ornaments: 1985 James Madison (1809-17), 1986 James Monroe (1817-25), 1987 John Quincy Adams (1825-29), 1988 Andrew Jackson (1829-1837).

Presidential Valentine Chest
$115.00 SALE $90.00

Our curated timber chest will capture your fancy and let your imagination fly. Lifting the chest cover, your beloved will reveal the Official White House Christmas ornament honoring President Grover Cleveland and his bride during their wedding nuptials.

19th Amendment Commemorative Ornament Set

Show off your pride in celebrating women's rights with this beautifully 24K gold-finished ornament set.

American Union Gift Set
$50.00 Limited Quantities Available

Create a theme this Holiday Season with our American Union gift set. Featuring the American Union Spirit Glass LED Ornament and a 1872 Continental Map of the United States.

Red White and Blue Rose Garden Ornament Set
$50.00 Sale $42.00

In honor of the Star-Spangled Banner, the majestic American Flag, this set of Red, White, and Blue preserved real rose ornaments will bring patriotism into your home this holiday season. Each flower sits in a clear glass globe for protected viewing, and their delicate beauty will last for years to come. They are a beautiful compliment to other Washington DC-related ornaments!

2016 White House Cherry Blossom Festival Ornament Set

Order two of the most famous ornaments in Washington DC. Supplies are limited.

The Official 2011 White House Ornament Gift Set

SAVE BIG when puchasing this collectible gift set. Whether you forgot last year's ornament or you want to start a new collection the 2011 White House Ornament Gift Set will save you both time and money. Receive a significant discount when you purchase these two beautiful, official White House ornaments together.

2012 White House Ornament Holiday Special

The 2012 White House Ornament Holiday Special commemorates the offical 2012 White House William Howard Taft ornament celebrating the first motor vehicle at the White House, and the 2012 US Secret Service ornament commemorating the brave men and women of the US Secret Service.

2010 White House North and South Portico Ornament Set

No White House Collection is complete without the new 2010 White House North and South Portico ornaments. Save time and money when you order these two ornaments together in a set.

2010 - 2012 White House Ornament Gift Set

Buy three years at once and save! White House Christmas Ornament is pleased to offer a three ornament gift set at a discounted price, featuring the official White House ornaments including the 2010 William McKinley, the 2011 Theodore Roosevelt, and the new 2012 William Taft ornaments.

2008 US Capitol Ornament Gift Set

Receive a 10% discount when you purchase these two beautiful, official US Capitol ornaments together. The 2008 US Capitol Ornament Gift Set includes the 2008 US Capitol Oval Marble Ornament and the 2007 US Capitol Marble Dome & Wreath Ornament.

2013 White House Christmas Ornament Gift Set

Forget last year's White House ornament or starting your own collection this year? Save money by purchasing the 2013 White House Christmas Ornament gift set that includes the 2013 White House Woodrow Wilson Ornament and the 2012 White House William Taft Ornament.

Washington DC Memorial Ornament Set
$28.00 Limited Quantities Available

This ornament gift package honors the White House, United States Capitol Building, Lincoln Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, and Washington Monument. These monuments represent the respect and pride of the American nation.

2013 White House Christmas Ornament Collection (Set of Three)
$65.00 OUT OF STOCK!

The White House Ornament Collection presents the Official 2013 White House Christmas Ornament Collection (Set of Three). This beautiful 2013 White House ornament collection features three of the most stunning holiday ornaments produced this year. Own a moment of White House history.

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