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White House Christmas Ornament

White House Christmas Ornament is proud to offer moments of American history. These official, time-honored Christmas gift ideas are hand-decorated holiday ornaments for a Christmas display that the whole family will enjoy. Christmas tree collectables from The White House Ornament Collection make great keepsakes for friends, for family, and for that son or daughter proudly serving in the Armed Forces, in Washington, D.C. or overseas. The White House, Capitol Hill, Congressional, Supreme Court, and Mount Vernon Ornament Collections are a great way to remember loved ones during the Holidays.

2020 John Fitzgerald Kennedy Christmas Ornament

This year's ornament features the White House oil painting of the 35th President in a reflective pose.

America Strong Tribute Ornament

This commemorative ornament marks the remembrance of the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic.

2020 House of Representatives Holiday Ornament
$33.00 SALE PRICE $25.95

This Official Ornament commemorates the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment giving women in the United States the Right to Vote.

2020 Supreme Court Holiday Ornament
$40.95 Limited Quantities Available

Own a piece of Supreme Court History. This year's ornament features an actual piece of the red velvet drapery that hung in the Courtroom.

2020 Congressional Holiday Ornament
$30.00 SALE PRICE $25.95

The Official Ornament of the United States Senate is inspired by the 1989 bicentennial swearing in ceremony of George Washington in 1989.

2020 Mount Vernon Holiday Ornament

This fine crystal ornament is pays tribute to George Washington's architectural design of the Mount Vernon Mansion.

2019 President Dwight D Eisenhower Ornament

President Dwight David Eisenhower was born on October 14, 1890 in the town of Denison Texas. His parents, David and Ida, were members of the River Brethren church in Abilene, Kansas, an off-shoot of the Mennonite faith based in Switzerland. Abilene was a well known as a major cow town...

2019 White House Donald Trump Cameo Ornament

Own This Elegant cameo ornament, mounted within a 24 kt. gold finish frame, bears an authentic illustration of Donald John Trump, the 45th President of the United States.

2019 US House of Representatives Ornament

White House Christmas Ornament pleased to offer the Official 24 karat gold-plated ornament featuring the Capitol Building surrounded by festive five pointed star introduced in the Flag Act of 1777 with a white floret pattern with red accents.

2019 Congressional Holiday Ornament
$28.00 Sale $25.00

The Official Ornament of the United States Senate evokes an old-fashioned snow globe featuring the US Capitol dome, the east front extension, and the Capitol Christmas tree. Snowflakes suspended in air gently swirl through the globe, which is accented with laurel bows and red ribbons.

2019 Official Supreme Court Tear Drop Ornament
$36.00 Limited Quantities Available

This highly collectible 24 karat gold-plated vintage designed teardrop ornament will be a heirloom tradition to be passed down for generations.

2019 Marble We the People Ornament

Own a piece of history. Own this exquisite commemorative cameo ornament featuring actual marble that was removed from the United States Capitol Building.

2018 Harry S. Truman Christmas Ornament

The front side of the Official 2018 White House Christmas Ornament features the Truman Balcony South Portico of the White House Building. The back side features the world famous "Blue Room" renovated by President Truman. The gold medallion on top features a redesign of the Presidential Seal made by our 33rd President.

2018 Annual Marble US Capitol Ornament

Beautifully crafted 24 kt. gold finished ornament features the United States Capitol Dome made from the marble removed from the east front steps in the 1995-96 renovations framed in octagonal snow flake design.

2018 United States Congressional Holiday Ornament

The Official Ornament of the United States Senate showcases one four stain glass windows found in the U.S. Capitol building in Washington DC.

2018 US Supreme Court LED Ornament

The Supreme Court building is lit from within the ornament by an LED light with switch. The Unites States highest court is etched and enameled in white and black over 24 kt. gold.

USA Bald Eagle Ornament
$31.00 SALE $25.00

Our uniquely American holiday ornament features a 24 karat gold plated three dimensional bald eagle with a federal stars and stripes shield on its breast symbolizing freedom, liberty and independence.

2018 United States Constitution with Quill Ornament

Our three dimensional 24 karat gold plated holiday ornament honors Constitution signed on September 17, 1787, by our founding fathers to establish a government framework that guaranteed certain basic rights and laws to protect the citizens of the United States of America.

2017 President Franklin D Roosevelt Ornament

White House Christmas Ornament Proudly Presents the 2017 President Franklin D Roosevelt Holiday Ornament which can be physically purchased in Washington DC.

Donald Trump Inauguration Christmas Medallion
$24.50 SALE $18.00

Commemorate the Jan. 20, 2017. Inauguration of President Donald Trump with this limited production Christmas Medallion.

2017 United States Congressional Ornament

This is the Official Ornament of the United States Senate. Capturing the brilliance of downtown Washington DC on a brisk winter day, this beautiful circular ornament dazzles with a bright cobalt blue background radiating out around a glistening gold and white US Capitol Dome. This intricate design is inspired by the Milton tile floors installed in the U.S. Capitol building during an extension built in the mid Nineteenth Century. This festive ornament is made of brass and finished in 24 karat gold.

2017 US Capitol Marble Ornament

The 2017 US Capitol Marble and Gold Ornament is a truly unique gift created from the actual steps of the US Capitol Building after a restoration in 1995. Gold accents make this ornament a very special addition to your Christmas tree!

The Scarlet White House Rose Garden Ornament
$28.00 SALE $24

The historic White House Rose Garden is captured in a real preserved scarlet red rose suspended in a hanging blown glass glove that is breathtaking. The velvety rose pedals are kept safe in the glass enclosure and do not require any special maintenance to retain their vibrant color and softness for years to come. This wonderful ornament will bring grace and cheer to your next special occasion.

2017 Mount Vernon Christmas Ornament

White House Christmas Ornament is proud to present the Official 2017 Mount Vernon Christmas Ornament. Mount Vernon's 2017 annual ornament is inspired by the twelve foot tall festive Christmas trees that grace Mount Vernon's Ford Orientation Center and the Donald W. Reynolds Museum & Education Center.

Official 2016 White House Herbert Hoover Ornament

The 2016 White House Christmas ornament honors the administration of Herbert Hoover, the twenty-sixth President of the United States. Hoover took office on March 4, 1929, and former president William H. Taft administered the Oath of office

2016 Mount Vernon Christmas Ornament

This year's ornament is designed after a Vice Regent badge, created by Louis Comfort Tiffany. The holiday ornament has a reproduction of a hand painted vignette of George Washington's Mansion in gold, enamel, and seed pearls.

Patriotic Glass Fairy Ball Ornament
$33.00 Sale $26

The fairy ball ornament is a great for outdoor wedding, corporate, and or political event decoration. The best part is no more tangled electrical cords! Many of our clients purchase 20 or more. Large orders may take to three weeks to manufacture. Clear and custom color variations are available.

2016 United States Supreme Court Ornament

This is the official United States Supreme Court Holiday ornament featuring a white rosette that appears on the coffered ceiling of the main corridor known as the Upper Great Hall used as the ceremonial entrance.

2016 Congressional Holiday Ornament

The Official 2016 Congressional Holiday Ornament celebrates the U.S. Capitol's two most iconic features: it soaring cast iron dome based on the Pantheon in Paris and its spacious interior Rotunda.

2016 US Capitol Marble and Gold Ornament

The 2016 Christmas Ornament is made with marble removed from the United States Capitol Building during it renovation in 1995. The gold filigree design comes from the ceiling of the US Senate Chamber.

2015 White House Christmas Ornament

The administration of Calvin Coolidge, thirtieth President of the United States from 1923 to 1929, is the inspiration for the 2015 White House Christmas ornament.

2015 United States Capitol Marble Ornament

This Classic Capitol design is crafted from the marble of the east front steps removed in the 1995-96 renovations. The Capitol dome is framed in a marble hexagon and surrounded by 24kt gold filigree and enameled design. Handcrafted in America. Elegantly gift boxed. (3" x 2.25")

2015 Supreme Court Angled Building Ornament

The Official Supreme Court Ornament is American crafted 24 karat three-dimensional cut-work of the Supreme Court building viewed from the corner of East Capitol and First Streets.

2015 Dove of Peace Christmas Ornament

2015 Dove of Peace Christmas Ornament represents symbol that held a special meaning for President George Washington, who had won independence for the United States. President Washington did everything he could in the remainder of his lifetime to ensure America would endure in peace.

2015 National Cherry Blossom Festival Ornament

Acclaimed Hawaiian illustrator Jing Jing Tsong was selected to create the official design of the National Cherry Blossom Ornament.

2015 Capitol Snow Scene Ornament

24 kt Gold gold filigree formed into the shape of a snowflake featuring a snowy Capitol scene framed by an intricately raised enameled design.

2014 Warren G Harding Christmas Ornament

The 2014 White House Christmas ornament celebrates Warren Gamaliel Harding, who was elected the 29th President of the United States of on his birthday, and served our country from 1921 to 1923.

The Pledge of Allegiance Ornament

The Pledge of Allegiance Ornament is designed to reflect our loyalty to the flag of the republic of the United States of America. The Pledge of Allegiance was composed by Francis Bellamy in 1892 and formally adopted by Congress in 1942.

2014 United States Congressional Holiday Ornament

The Official Ornament of the United States Senate celebrates the 50th anniversary of the lighting of the Capitol Christmas tree on the West Lawn of the Capitol.

2014 Supreme Court Ornament

The Official Unites States Supreme Court ornament. This three dimensional silver-plated ornament accurately depicts the main entrance of the Court.

2014 Mount Vernon Holiday Ornament

This historic collectible is inspired by America's First Lady, Martha Washington's love for garnet and pearl jewelry.

George W Bush Oil Pumpjack Ornament

This gold cameo ornament features George Walker Bush in front of one of his dad's oil pump jacks in the 1950s.

2013 White House Woodrow Wilson Christmas Ornament

The official 2013 White House ornament celebrates and honors the twenty-eighth President of the United States Woodrow Wilson and his administration (1913-1921). The main centerpiece to the 2013 White House ornament is an American Elm tree which President Wilson planted December 18, 1913. The tree was planted in the North Lawn of the White House as a symbol of hope the country desperately needed during the Wilson administration and World War I.

2013 United States Congressional Holiday Ornament

The Official Holiday Ornament of the United States Senate pays tribute to the Old Senate Chamber and includes fabric from the 1976 Congressional draperies.

2013 President Abraham Lincoln Cameo Ornament
$33.00 SALE PRICE $18.00

White House Christmas Ornament is happy to introduce our new President Abraham Lincoln ornament. Considered by many Americans to be one of their greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln guided the nation through the Civil War. Lincoln despised war but viewed it as the only salvation of the Union.

2013 Mount Vernon Home of George Washington Ornament
$28.00 Sale $21.00

The centerpiece of the 2013 Mount Vernon ornament was taken from a lithograph titled: "The Home Of Washington, Mount Vernon, Virginia" and shows the East Front of the mansion from around 1858. The lithograph is set off with a stunning eight pointed star colored red, white and blue and finished in 24 k gold with a small red banner on the bottom of star that reads "MOUNT VERNON 2013.

2012 White House William Howard Taft Ornament

The official 2012 White House Ornament celebrates the life and love of modern inventions and manufactory by President William Howard Taft. The ornament shows the President and Mrs. Taft delivering Christmas presents in the first automobile used by the White House in 1909.

2011 United States Congressional Holiday Ornament

The Official Ornament of the United States Senate features a view of the east front of the Capitol superimposed over a translucent blue window.

Official 2010 White House William McKinley Ornament

This year's official White House ornament commemorates the annual Army Navy Reception at the White House from the year 1900. The front face of this year's ornament depicts the Marine Corps band playing in the North Drive as guests of the McKinley's arrive on the snow-covered grounds of the White House.

2009 White House Grover Cleveland Ornament
$25.00 SALE PRICE $21.00

The White House Ornament Collection presents The 2009 White House Grover Cleveland Christmas Ornament. This beautiful American-made ornaments features a view of the South lawn and façade of The White House on a crispy winter evening.All ornaments are insured and delivered to your home by the USP.

2008 White House Benjamin Harrison Ornament

This official White House ornament honors the twenty-third president of the United States, President Benjamin Harrison (1833-1901). Inaugurated 100 years after George Washington, Harrison became a centennial president and served one term. This ornament is a glimpse of the first Christmas tree ever to have been documented in the White House.

2007 White House Grover Cleveland Ornament

The 2007 White House Christmas ornament honors the first administration of President Grover Cleveland. The only U.S. president elected to two non-consecutive terms, Cleveland served as the 22nd president from 1885 to 1897.

2006 White House Chester A Arthur Ornament

The 2006 White House Christmas Ornament honors the Administration of the 21st President of the United States Chester A. Arthur (1881-1885).

2005 White House James A. Garfield Ornament

This ornament is a gold-plated brass with a round ceramic stone that features the South Front of the White House.

2004 Marble & Wood Ornament

This unique collectible is made of the historic building materials that have adorned the Capitol and its grounds. The marble that creates the oval frame and center Capitol was removed during the renovations of the East Front of the Capitol.

2003 White House Ulysses S. Grant Ornament

Inspired by a vision of a child’s joy at Christmas, this hand-painted porcelain keepsake is handsomely decorated by a 24-carat, gold-finished brass wreath with enameled colors.

2002 The Roosevelt Restoration of 1902 Ornament

The Roosevelt 1902 Ornament The crystal-like, acrylic core of the 2002 ornament recalls the sparkling Bohemian glass of the elegant East Room chandeliers. The brass metal decorative frame includes a holiday ribbon, acanthus leaves from the East Room's Louis XVI style wall panels.

2001 U.S. Capitol Marble Ornament

The 2001 U.S. Marble Capitol Ornament is a sculpted relief etched onto original, Georgia White Marble that came from the Capitol building.

2000 U.S. Capitol Holiday Dome Ornament

The 2000 U.S. Capitol Holiday Dome Ornament captures both the beauty and the history of our Nation's Capitol. It’s a perfect addition to your Christmas Ornament Collection.

2000 Mount Vernon George Washington Houdon Bust Ornament

As a new century and millennium begins, George Washington is also celebrated as a visionary, a trait which has been immortalized in the bust of George Washington by Jean Antoine Houdon.

2000 Supreme Court Ornament
$32.00 OUT OF STOCK!

The White House Ornament Collection presents 2000 Supreme Court Ornament. This three-dimensional ornament has a miniature, beautifully crafted, cast resin Supreme Court building. Gleaming in 24kt. gold, the Seal of the Supreme Court is the background of this unique piece.

2000 A Joyful Group at Mount Vernon (West Front) Ornament

A Limited Edition Ornament The hospitable reputation of George and Martha Washington encouraged hundreds of guests to trudge through ice and snow each year in their admiration of the "Father of His Country.

2000 200th Anniversary Ornament

Within a 24kt-gold-plated frame, the 2000 White House 200th Anniversary Ornament depicts the north face of the White House on the front and the south face of the White House when flipped over, representing the old, the new, and the turn of the century. This Christmas Gift Idea reaffirms America's pioneer spirit.

2000 Moonlight Caroling at Mount Vernon (East Front) Ornament
$25.00 [SOLD OUT]

Limited Edition Ornament George Washington's Mount Vernon was always a warm and welcoming during the winter months. George Washington compared his home to a "well resorted tavern." This beautiful fine porcelain, 22-karat gold-plated brass finished ornament celebrates the warm spirit of Mount Vernon. Each ornament, adapted from a painting of the East Front of Mount Vernon by modern folk artist Carol Dyer, is numbered as part of a limited Year 2000 edition of 10,000 ornaments.

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