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George W Bush Oil Pumpjack Ornament

George W Bush Oil Pumpjack Ornament
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This gold cameo ornament features George Walker Bush (affectionately known as "Dubya") in front of one of his dad's oil pump jacks. In 1954, Zapata Off-Shore Company was formed as a subsidiary of Zapata Oil, with George Herbert Walker Bush as president of the new company. He raised some startup money from Eugene Meyer, publisher of the Washington Post, and his son-in-law, Phillip Graham.

In the summer of 1965, George H. arranged a job for his son, George W. with an oil drilling company to get experience in the oil business. Young George W. Bush labored as a roughneck carrying mud sacks on an offshore oil rig near Louisiana. George W. said, "It was hard, hot work."

George W. began his industry career in 1979, when he established Arbusto Energy, an oil and gas exploration company he financed with his education trust fund surplus and money from other investors, including Dorothy Bush, Lewis Lehrman, William Henry Draper III, Bill Gammell, and James R. Bath. In 1979 Arbusto Energy merged with Spectrum 7. 1986 Spectrum 7 merged into Harken Energy Corporation, with George W. becoming a director of Harken (Now known as HKN, Inc.) American oil and gas production company headquartered in Southlake, Texas.

The 2014 George W Bush Oil Pumpjack Ornament is a highly collectible moment of history. Buy this quick. It is sure to sell out.

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