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2009 White House Christmas Ornament Collection

Own a moment of American history this year by adding an heirloom quality White House Christmas ornament to your holiday decorations. Choose from our vast selection of 2009 White House ornaments and turn your tree into a White House tree that honors our country and displays your patriotic spirit.

2009 White House Grover Cleveland Ornament
$25.00 SALE PRICE $21.00

The White House Ornament Collection presents The 2009 White House Grover Cleveland Christmas Ornament. This beautiful American-made ornaments features a view of the South lawn and fašade of The White House on a crispy winter evening.All ornaments are insured and delivered to your home by the USP.

2009 United States Congressional Holiday Ornament
$24.00 SALE $16.00

The 2009 holiday ornament captures a quiet afternoon by the new public visitor's entrance located on the east side of the US Capitol building.

2009 Barack Obama 56th Presidential Inauguration Ornament
$24.00 SALE PRICE $16.00

This American-made ornament features a photo of President Barack H. Obama, on the front steps of the U.S. Capitol with his wife Michelle by his side, being sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts on January 20, 2009.

2009 White House Ornament Gift Set

Receive a discount when you purchase these two beautiful, official White House ornaments together. The 2009 White House Ornament Gift Set includes the 2009 White House Grover Cleveland Ornament along with last year's 2008 White House Benjamin Harrison Ornament.

2009 White House Christmas Ornament Barack Obama Commemorative Gift Set - LIMITED TIME OFFER
$38.00 SAVE $8.00

Now you can own two moments of history for one low price. We are sure you will be satisfied with these two collector's items, so we're offering them as a set. Save $8.00 by ordering both of these historic collectible ornaments together.

2009 US Capitol Apotheosis of George Washington Ornament

The United States Capitol is among the most architecturally impressive and symbolically important buildings in the world. Located 180 feet above the floor of the Rotunda, the painting was executed in true fresco, a difficult and exacting technique in which pigments are applied to wet plaster.

2009 US Capitol West Front Marble Ornament

Elegant in its simplicity (although ornately detailedd on the 24k gold-plated border) the 2009 official United States' Capitol ornament will make a beautiful addition to any tree or mantle piece. This ornament is made with crushed marble which was removed from the original steps for the House of Representatives in 1995 due to the wear created by the over 9000 repesentatives who trod the steps dating back to 1863-1865.

2009 Mount Vernon Holiday Ornament

This 2-sided ornament is a snowflake finished in 24 kt. gold. A 3-dimensional miniature of Mount Vernon's East Front is set on a transparent red glass circle in the center of the front of the snowflake with George Washington's cypher set on the reverse.

2009 Supreme Court Holiday Ornament

The 2009 ornament is a two-sided, dimensional square. Featured the front is the fašade of the Supreme Court building. The Seal of the Supreme Court accents the back of the ornament.

2009 Barack Obama Administration Christmas Ornament
$65.00 Sale $50.00

The Barack Obama Inaugural Ornament commemorates the historic inauguration of Barack Obama, forty-fourth President of the United States. Shown smaller than actual size of 5-1/2 inches high by 3-1/2 inches wide.

2009 John Adams Administration Christmas Ornament

The 2009 John Adams Ornament commemorates the Presidential Administration (1797 - 1801) of John Adams, second President of the United States, and the first President to reside in the newly constructed White House.

2009 Washington DC Series Ornament Set

The White House Ornament Collection presents The 2009 Washington DC Series Ornament Set.

2009 Secret Service Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Ornament
$26.00 Out Of Stock

This year's Secret Service ornament celebrates the bicentennial birthday of President Abraham Lincoln. Born on February 12, 1809, he became the first Republican president. He successfully led the country through its greatest internal crisis, the American Civil War, preserving the union and ending slavery.

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