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2017 White House Christmas Ornament Collection

Make your own White House tree this holiday season with our new 2017 White House Christmas ornaments. Add these new keepsake ornaments to your White House tree and show everyone your patriotic spirit. Also notice that you can save big by purchasing some 2017 White House ornaments in sets.

2017 President Franklin D Roosevelt Ornament
$26.00 SALE PRICE $24.00

White House Christmas Ornament Proudly Presents the 2017 President Franklin D Roosevelt Holiday Ornament which can be physically purchased in Washington DC.

Donald Trump Inauguration Christmas Medallion
$24.50 SALE $18.00

Commemorate the Jan. 20, 2017. Inauguration of President Donald Trump with this limited production Christmas Medallion.

2017 United States Congressional Ornament

This is the Official Ornament of the United States Senate. Capturing the brilliance of downtown Washington DC on a brisk winter day, this beautiful circular ornament dazzles with a bright cobalt blue background radiating out around a glistening gold and white US Capitol Dome. This intricate design is inspired by the Milton tile floors installed in the U.S. Capitol building during an extension built in the mid Nineteenth Century. This festive ornament is made of brass and finished in 24 karat gold.

2017 US Capitol Marble Ornament

The 2017 US Capitol Marble and Gold Ornament is a truly unique gift created from the actual steps of the US Capitol Building after a restoration in 1995. Gold accents make this ornament a very special addition to your Christmas tree!

The Scarlet White House Rose Garden Ornament
$28.00 SALE $24

The historic White House Rose Garden is captured in a real preserved scarlet red rose suspended in a hanging blown glass glove that is breathtaking. The velvety rose pedals are kept safe in the glass enclosure and do not require any special maintenance to retain their vibrant color and softness for years to come. This wonderful ornament will bring grace and cheer to your next special occasion.

2017 Mount Vernon Christmas Ornament
$32.00 SALE PRICE $21.00

White House Christmas Ornament is proud to present the Official 2017 Mount Vernon Christmas Ornament. Mount Vernon's 2017 annual ornament is inspired by the twelve foot tall festive Christmas trees that grace Mount Vernon's Ford Orientation Center and the Donald W. Reynolds Museum & Education Center.

Greetings from Washington DC Ornament
$23.00 Limited Inventory

Delight in this sweet little ceramic ornament made in the style of a vintage postcard depicting the US Capitol Building, as well as the Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln Memorials on one side, and the words “Greetings from Washington DC” with faux postage on the back. Let this darling ornament add a bit of whimsy to your Christmas tree this holiday season!

2017 United States Supreme Court Holiday Ornament

The official 2017 Supreme Court ornament is a silver-plated sphere with frosted matte panels in between images of the Supreme Court Great Seal, the Contemplation of Justice statue, and the West Entrance including the West Pediment. Add this exquisite ornament to your collection today!

White House American Flag Ornament
$20.00 Sale $18.00

The front of our gold plated ornament features the White House South Portico. The flag of the United States of America waves behind it. On the bottom is a ribbon with the words Washington DC.

2017 US House of Representatives Christmas Ornament

The Official 2017 US House of Representatives ornament is a festive representation of the Gibson Stained-Glass Window in the Grand Staircase of the US Capitol building created in 1859. Let this beautiful ornament bring sparkle to your tree this Christmas!

2017 National Cherry Blossom Festival Ornament

The 2017 official Christmas ornament artwork was created by graphic designer, Naturel (Lawrence Atoigue). Naturel’s futuristic work has quickly emerged in today's contemporary art scene. His sharp, triangular illustrations are a futuristic blend of pop and cubism. This highly collectible hand painted glass ornament comes in an elegant red fabric box.

2017 US Capitol Dome Filigree Ornament
$26.00 Limited First Run

This stunning 24-karat gold-plated ornament features a three dimensional United States Capitol Dome face set within an enameled red, white, and blue baroque filigree.

FDR Holiday Gift Set
$33.00 Limited Special

This sweet yet elegant gift set honor the Great President Franklin D Roosevelt featuring the golden eagle ornament and bean-filled plush bear. Give this lovely set as a gift this holiday season, or get it to add patriotic flare to your own festive occasions!

The Glory White House Rose Garden Ornament

The “purity and innocence,” of the white stars on the American Flag are captured in this graceful real preserved rose ornament. This soft flower is nestled in a clear glass globe to keep its beauty accessible, yet protected. This exquisite piece will add simple beauty to your Christmas tree, wedding, or any cherished celebration!

The Constellation White House Rose Garden Ornament

Representing the American values of “vigilance, perseverance and justice,” this gorgeous deep blue real rose preserved ornament sits nestled in a clear glass globe, to be protected and enjoyed for years to come. The velvety-soft leaves reflect many breathtaking shades of blue and make this ornament truly unique. Let this eye-catching piece enhance your next celebration!

58th Presidential Inauguration Commemorative Ornament

This is the Official 58th WHHA Presidential Inauguration Commemorative 24 karat gold plated Ornament

Red White and Blue Rose Garden Ornament Set
$50.00 Sale $42.00

In honor of the Star-Spangled Banner, the majestic American Flag, this set of Red, White, and Blue preserved real rose ornaments will bring patriotism into your home this holiday season. Each flower sits in a clear glass globe for protected viewing, and their delicate beauty will last for years to come. They are a beautiful compliment to other Washington DC-related ornaments!

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