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The Glory White House Rose Garden Ornament

The Glory White House Rose Garden Ornament
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Harkening back to the days when daughters of presidents married on White House grounds such as Tricia Nixon in 1971 or Alice Lee Roosevelt in 1906, our ivory white Glory White House Rose Garden Oranment captures the, “purity and innocence,” that Charles Thomson, Secretary of the Continental Congress described about the stars on the American Flag. Make this charming ornament a beautiful addition to your next Christmas tree, wedding ceremony, or other festive occasion! Your guests will not be disappointed.

The natural beauty of this real rose is non-toxically preserved, then secured by a clear glass globe hanging from a soft white ribbon. It does not require water, refrigeration, or any special maintenance to retain its vibrant color and softness for years to come. However it should be kept away from high temperature and humidity.

Ask about discounts on multiple orders, including bridal parties. Please note large volume orders may take several weeks to produce.

Measures 3 inches diameter.

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