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2012 White House Christmas Ornament Collection

The 2012 White House ornament collection is highlighted by the William Taft ornaments which features the first automobile ever used by a President. Complete your White House tree with all of these White House ornaments that feature holiday keepsakes from the Secret Service, Supreme Court, U.S. Capitol and more.

2012 White House William Howard Taft Ornament
$26.00 SALE PRICE $24.50

The official 2012 White House Ornament celebrates the life and love of modern inventions and manufactory by President William Howard Taft. The ornament shows the President and Mrs. Taft delivering Christmas presents in the first automobile used by the White House in 1909.

2012 United States Congressional Holiday Ornament

The Official Holiday Ornament of the United States Senate honors the Senate Reception Room and Thomas Crawford's statue of Freedom.

2012 White House Holiday Ornament

The 2012 United States Secret Service Uniformed Division Benefit Fund Marine One ornament features the Presidential Helicopter on take-off from the lawn of the White House plus the Presidential Emblem inset within the outline of the five-pointed Secret Service star.

2012 U.S. Capitol Historical Society 50th Anniversary Ornament

The 2012 United States Capitol ornament commemorates the 50th year of their Historical Society. The front of this ornament features an image of the Capitol Building on a snow-filled winter's day surrounded by an intricately raised snowflake frame.The back of the ornament features white and red colors throughout the snowflake design and has the words, "United States Historical Society 50th Anniversary".

2012 U.S. Capitol Marble Carriage Ornament

This beautiful holiday ornament features a horse-drawn carriage in front of the United States Capitol building on a typical winter day. The marble used to create this ornament was taken from a wing of the east front of the U.S. Capitol and was originally installed between 1863 and 1865. MADE WITH PRIDE IN THE U.S.A.

2012 Hospitality at George and Martha Washington's Mount Vernon Ornament
$18.00 Sale $14.00

The 2012 Mount Vernon Ladies' Association commemorative ornament is a celebration of the fabled hospitality laid forth by George and Martha Washington at their home in Mount Vernon, Virginia. The ornament is an extremely detailed rendering of G. F. Gilman's original 1878 print of Mount Vernon, fired upon a porcelain rectangle and finished in 24k gold.

2012 Supreme Court Holiday Ornament

The Supreme Court is featured on the 2012 ornament. A bright blue sky overlooks the Supreme Court building and its front plaza. The background details of this dimensional ornament are taken from wooden panels in the East and West Conference rooms.

2012 White House Ornament Holiday Special

The 2012 White House Ornament Holiday Special commemorates the offical 2012 White House William Howard Taft ornament celebrating the first motor vehicle at the White House, and the 2012 US Secret Service ornament commemorating the brave men and women of the US Secret Service.

2010-2012 White House Ornament Gift Set

Buy three years at once and save! White House Christmas Ornament is pleased to offer a three ornament gift set at a discounted price, featuring the official White House ornaments including the 2010 William McKinley, the 2011 Theodore Roosevelt, and the new 2012 William Taft ornaments.

Remember September 11, 2001 Commemorative Ornament

We are proud and humbled to present the Remember September 11, 2001 Commemorative Ornament. Clockwise from bottom right they are: Department of the Navy, Department of the Army, Department of Defense, Department of the Air Force and Department of the Navy - United States Marine Corps.

2012 Washington DC Landmarks Ornament
$24.00 Sale $16.00

The White House Ornament Collection presents the 2012 Washington, DC Landmarks Ornament. Brand new to our ornament collection is this large (four inches wide and three inches tall) 3-D Washington, DC landmarks ornament.

2012 Washington DC Sculptured Landmarks Ornament

The White House Ornament Collection presents the 2012 Washington DC Sculptured Landmarks Ornament. The ornament features the South Portico of White House during springtime with the lawn fountain turned on and a few red tulips in front of the fence. To the upper left and beyond the trees is the US Capitol Building.

2012 George Washington Wood Ornament
$20.00 SOLD OUT

The White House Ornament Collection presents the 2012 George Washington Wood Ornament. A wooden wreath surrounds the likeness of a late 18th century portrait of General George Washington in his dress military uniform. The 3" diameter ornament includes a gift box and a red ribbon for hanging. Handmade in the USA of native alder wood.

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