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2001 Thru 2006 White House Christmas Ornament Collection

The White House Christmas ornament collection started in 2001. Every year since the White House ornament collection has honored past Presidents and their administration. These collectible ornaments have been turning Christmas trees into White House trees ever since and have become treasured keepsakes to those who purchase them. Complete your White House Christmas ornament collection by starting at the beginning and own a piece of American history.

2006 White House Chester A Arthur Ornament

The 2006 White House Christmas Ornament honors the Administration of the 21st President of the United States Chester A. Arthur (1881-1885).

2005 White House James A. Garfield Ornament

This ornament is a gold-plated brass with a round ceramic stone that features the South Front of the White House.

2004 Capitol Marble and Wood Ornament

This unique collectible is made of the historic building materials that have adorned the Capitol and its grounds. The marble that creates the oval frame and center Capitol was removed during the renovations of the East Front of the Capitol.

2003 White House Ulysses S. Grant Ornament

Inspired by a vision of a child’s joy at Christmas, this hand-painted porcelain keepsake is handsomely decorated by a 24-carat, gold-finished brass wreath with enameled colors.

2002 The Roosevelt Restoration of 1902 Ornament

The Roosevelt 1902 Ornament The crystal-like, acrylic core of the 2002 ornament recalls the sparkling Bohemian glass of the elegant East Room chandeliers. The brass metal decorative frame includes a holiday ribbon, acanthus leaves from the East Room's Louis XVI style wall panels.

2001 U.S. Capitol Marble Ornament

The 2001 U.S. Marble Capitol Ornament is a sculpted relief etched onto original, Georgia White Marble that came from the Capitol building.

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