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2024 First Inauguration Christmas Ornament

2024 First Inauguration Christmas Ornament
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Celebrate the holiday season with an ornament that embodies the grandeur of American history. This Christmas tree ornament features a three-dimensional diorama capturing the first U.S. presidential inauguration with George Washington as its central figure. The scene is meticulously designed, from the regal red curtains reminiscent of Federal Hall to the authentically depicted attire of the era worn by Washington and his key supporters, Robert R. Livingston and the Right Reverend Samuel Provoost.

The base of the ornament, inscribed with "MOUNT VERNON 2024," shines with a gold finish that adds a stately touch, while the patriotic blue and white details and stars enhance the theme. The gold-finished balcony railing offers a striking contrast to the colorful figures, completing the ornament's dignified appearance.

A ribbon of blue, suggestive of silk, allows for easy display, ensuring that this piece stands out on your Christmas tree. More than just a holiday decoration, this ornament serves as a collectible, ideal for those who appreciate the richness of American heritage or are looking for a significant gift. Crafted with attention to detail, this ornament reflects the high standards one would expect of a tribute to George Washington.

Order today to secure this exclusive 2024 First Inauguration Christmas Ornament. Supplies are limited, and as last year's ornament sold out before Thanksgiving.

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