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American Union Gift Set

American Union Gift Set
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$50.00 Limited Quantities Available


Create a theme this Holiday Season with our American Union gift set. Featuring the American Union Spirit Glass LED Ornament and a 1872 Continental Map of the United States. Our gift set honors the American Union victory that preserved the nation created in 1776. Lincoln at Gettysburg described the war as the great "testing" whether a "government of the people, by the people, for the people" would survive or "perish from the earth." Since 1865 no state, commonwealth, or region has seriously tried to secede from the Union. The United States has emerged as the world's largest economy and foremost democracy by the late 19th century.

Own a moment of White House history. Each ornament is attentively hand blown by a glass master to your order. The ornament is then etched and assembled with brilliant led lights that give a spirit like glow inside the ball. No two balls are alike. The light string runs on a button cell battery that is replaceable and easy to find in stores. Create a dramatic display with one or more Patriotic Fairy Ball Ornaments on your tree. The best part is no more tangled electrical cords! Our fairy ball ornaments are great decorations for outdoor weddings, corporate functions, and political events. Many of our clients purchase 20 or more. Please Note. Orders may take up to three weeks or more to manufacture depending on the size of your order. Clear and custom color variations are available.

The rich colored gallery quality map is printed on order as well. This is a remaster of the original Lubrecht and Rosa 1872 map "The American Continent." There is a view "From the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean" emphasizing the completed transcontinental railroad. Also, an elaborate title and view of a steam engine and train station have replaced the more subdued 1864 title. Population tables of the United States are added to the left and right sides of the map. Projected railroad lines are shown running everywhere in the west. The coloring is very bright, to match the decidedly optimistic (expansionist) flavor of the map.

Dimensions: 20 inches tall by 30 inches wide

Proudly Made in USA

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