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2021 Apollo 14 50th Anniversary Ornament

2021 Apollo 14 50th Anniversary Ornament
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PRODUCT ID : 2021A1450AO

White House Christmas Ornament is proud to offer this beautiful 24 karat gold finished ornament commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the launch of Apollo 14 from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

The center of this handcrafted 3D brass ornament features Astronaut Alan B. Shepard Jr., Commander of the Apollo 14 lunar landing mission, planting the American flag on the moon's surface. At the age of 47 Shepard became the fifth person to walk on the moon on February 5, 1971. He remains the oldest person to walk on the moon.

The top of the outer blue ring of the ornament states "APOLLO 14" To left the features the three stage Saturn V rocket used to launch astronauts Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell, and Stuart Roosa. astronauts to the moon. Just below is the mission date, "1971" in white numerals. To the right The Apollo 14 Command Module, nicknamed "Kitty Hawk," splashed down in the Pacific Ocean and can now be viewed at NASA Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island, Florida. Just below is the anniversary date, "2021" in white numerals. On the bottom there a ribbon with two stars and the inscription, "50th Anniversary."

A few weeks after safely landing back on Earth, the Apollo 14 crew traveled to Washington, D.C., for a reception at the White House. Here is an excerpt of President Nixon's March 1, 1971 remarks.

"It is a great lesson for the American people. Exploration, of course, involves going to the unknown, not going to find something you know is there, or you think something is there. We remember, for example, that those who came to the New World were looking for a passage to India and they found the New World.

And as far as space is concerned, we think we know what we want to find and what we may find, but the more we explore we break into new vistas of knowledge.

That is why if this Nation is to remain a great nation, as it will remain a great nation, we must never accept the position that because we have, as we have, been first in going to the moon, because we have had great achievements in a field like this, that then we rest on our laurels, because the history of all civilization tells us that once a nation gives up or accepts passively the role of being second in exploring the unknown, that nation ceases to be a great nation.

America must continue to be a great nation. We must explore the unknown, not because of what we are going to find or think we are going to find, not because of the uses that we expect to get from space, but because there is something there, something there that we must explore. It is there to find.

And the Americans, this great American Nation with all of the strength and the intelligence and the drive and dynamism that we have, we must go to find it."

Our beautifully handcrafted ornament is packaged in an elegant showcase window box.

Dimensions : 2.9 inches by 2.3 inches

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