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Don't Tread on Me - Ornament

Don't Tread on Me - Ornament
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Benjamin Franklin first used an image of a rattlesnake to represent New England and the colonies during the French and Indian War.  The rattlesnake then became a symbol for the American colonies.  The motto �Don�t Tread on Me� signified that the colonists were ready to defend their rights and freedoms and were better off left alone much like the rattlesnake found extensively in the American Colonies.  The exact date for when the snake and the motto were combined is unknown but it has been traced as far back as 1775.

The Gadsden flag takes its name from Colonel Christopher Gadsden who served in the Continental Army and later represented his home state of South Carolina in the Continental Congress. The Gadsden flag has recently experienced a resurgence in popularity by the Tea Party and Libertarians wishing to see a reduction in the obtrusiveness of government in the lives of the American citizens and seeking a return to the values and freedoms on which the country was founded.

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