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The US Army Insignia Ornament

The US Army Insignia Ornament
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An army to preserve the "liberties of America" was formed on June 14, 1775, by the Second Continental Congress and has gone on to serve Americans in both wartime and peacetime.  The Army emblem, approved in 1974, is full of colors, each with their own meaning, and items associated with the United States and the U.S. Army.  The Roman cuirass in the center is a symbol of defense and strength while the drum and drumstick show that the Army is ready to serve its nation and people. 

Some items such as a cannon, musket, sword and more are representative of Army implements and the Army's readiness to defend.  The helmet is a "Phrygian Cap" or "Cap of Liberty".  A rattlesnake holds the motto "This We'll Defend".

Honor your favorite soldier or veteran with the US Army Insignia ornament.

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