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The US Navy Insignia Ornament

The US Navy Insignia Ornament
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On October 23, 1957, the emblem of the Navy was approved by Executive Order 10736 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.  The design was created by a board of historians and heraldic experts.  The Navy's ability to both support operations on the land and in the sea all the while maintaining the reputation of dominance at sea is symbolized by the use of land, water and sky in the emblem. 

The American bald eagle partially rests on the luce-type anchor amid peaceful seas and clear skies with a three-mast ship behind displaying the commission pennant, the National Ensign and the commodore's flag at the top of the sails.  A rope neatly encircles the emblem around the outer rim.

Order this Navy Insignia Ornament today for your favorite sailor or veteran.

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